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Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management Software automatically informs the employee that their visitor has arrived and helps any organization keep track of the people who come to their location.

Pre-Register Visitors
Pre Register

Schedule visits in advance

Fast Sign In
Fast Sign In

Electronically capture information and sign in.

Print Visitor Badges
Print Visitor Badges

Issue professional, scan-able visitor badges.

Visitor Management Software
Logistics Management Software

About Visitor Management Software

Smart solutions to secure your workplace

Visitor management software (VMS) is a tool that tracks and manages people who enter and exit from a company. Basically it simplifies the check-in process. For example, once a visitor enters the company, they are aimed directly to the reception desk, where they enter their information into the electronic device. It represents a number of processes used to manage the flow of visitors from arrival to departure in order to provide the best possible experience and ensuring everyone's safety.


Striking Features of Visitor Management Software

Touch-less Visitor Check-In

Provide visitors with a QR code that they can use to complete the check-in workflow from their personal device to reduce visitor check-in time and congestion in your entrances.

Visitor Pre-Registration

Pre-register visitors can send meeting details, parking information, office directions and other crucial facts to them via email or the bookings module before their visit.

Custom Visitor Types

Encourage different workflows from contractors, interviewees, vendors, and other visitors so they can sign unique contracts or respond to particular questions.

Print Watch lists and Badges

Inform admins when something happens, you can identify visitors and where they should be printing badges automatically.

Large Group Check-In

It offers a streamlined, quick check-in process for large groups or events.

Integration Options

Integration with emails / exchange server provides operational efficiency to make the visitor journey even more seamless.


What Your Existing Business Gains with Visitor Management Software?

Better Visitor Experience
Better Visitor Experience

Providing a good visitor experience will boost your brand reputation. It allows you to easily manage everything without creating hassle for visitors.

Improves Safety & Security
Improves Safety & Security

It’s very important to ensure safety and security of peoples. A VMS adds extra security by quickly and accurately identifying your visitors.

Cost Effective

Visitor Management helps you to automate and streamline your visitor activity. The associated processing cost for each visitor can be reduced.


Visitor management software uses a range of scanners, cameras, and highly functional software to record, gather, and display visitor data.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

It looks professional when the front desk staff welcomes guests quickly and effectively. Employees are motivated and encouraged to do better by the ease of working.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

To promote easy movement with few formalities, a VMS can be combined with cutting-edge features like access control systems, evacuation control, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Visitor Management Software (VMS)

Visitor management software allows you to keep track of peoples who comes and goes from your workplace. It allows you to go digital in place of traditional sign-in paper and makes quick and easy way for your visitors to sign-in and sign-out from your workplace.

Through Access Control transactions that take place at doors and gateways requiring a badge scan, digital visitor management solutions enable authorized workers to follow visitors in real-time.

Most modern Visitor Management solutions have an easy-to-use back-office where visitor reports can be quickly generated and downloaded, which gives relieving staff of administrative burdens and allows them to concentrate on other crucial activities.

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