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Ecommerce Delivery Management Software

The Ecommerce Delivery Management System Software is the most cost-effective management tool for your delivery business. This software is designed to manage and track your deliveries from start to finish.

Ecommerce Delivery Management System

About Ecommerce Delivery Management System

Solution to automate, track & manage your delivery fleet

Ecommerce Delivery Management Software (EDMS) Software is a cloud-based solution providing flexible routing options for companies to help ensure customer choice and delivery satisfaction. This bespoke software solution is integrated with the leading delivery companies, providing a range of services for each possible destination. The EDMS software enables integration with your current back-office systems to ensure data integrity and reduce processing costs.

How it Works?

Order Detail
Incoming Orders

Orders from all extensions can be received and managed in one place.

Optimize Update
Optimize & Update

Update your customers with multiple deliveries and optimized routes.

Automate Track
Automate & Track

A real-time tracking solution will automate the assignment of deliveries based on availability.

Analyze Metrics
Analyze Metrics

Make informed and timely decisions with data to grow your business.


Striking Features of Ecommerce Delivery Management Software

Admin Dashboard

Real-time agent tracking and route optimization can speed up delivery. Agents may handle numerous delivery routes, and get communication notifications, with an admin dashboard.

Automate Delivery Dispatch

Automate your deliveries to the closest delivery agent based on their availability to lessen your effort. As soon as a new delivery job is received, agents receive a delivery alert.

Route Optimization

Manage your various deliveries effectively using the quickest and most cost-effective routes to cut operating expenses and guarantee on-time delivery of excellent customer service.

Real-time Tracking

Track your delivery agents in real-time. Keep your customers updated throughout the delivery cycle by sending them real-time SMS alerts at various stages.

Digital Proof of Delivery

Take digital signatures, images, notes, timestamps, and geocoordinates. You may then instantaneously retrieve these documents through an API or the Dispatcher dashboard.


To help you take charge of your business, keep track of delivery time, number of deliveries, ratings and evaluations of delivery agents, delayed deliveries, and more.


What Your Ecommerce Business Gains with Ecommerce Delivery Management Software?

Streamline Processes
Streamline Processes

you can streamline tasks without worrying about task repetition and delays. the software reduces risk and automates manual processes so that staff can focus on other tasks.

Better Communication
Better Communication

Customers may follow their orders through delivery tracking, which improves communication. Customers' comments also help you enhance your system.

Save Money & Time
Save Money & Time

Stop wasting your time, frustration and money on shipping mistakes. software will manage your shipments much more efficiently, with no burden on your shoulders.

Customer Retention
Customer Retention

With the use of tracking and notification features, you can get better customer retention, reviews, and glowing recommendations.

Order Management
Order Management

A centralized software allows you to manage orders better way as order delays, scheduling deliveries, driver job assignments, delivery tracking and etc.

Easy Access
Easy Access

Your business can be successful with EDMS Software from anywhere including your mobile device and we have a solution for every business.


Frequently Asked Questions on Ecommerce Delivery Management Software

Software for delivery management automates a number of processes, including routing, task distribution, vehicle and consignment tracking, and more. This gives companies total logistical insight, precise ETAs, and on-time delivery while using the fewest resources and costs.

It is a tool for streamlining the delivery procedure from start to finish. Both drivers (agents) and end users can benefit from it. Agents may automate pick-up and dispatch procedures as well as get optimum routes for speedy client delivery.

With a view to ensuring an efficient delivery process, the ecommerce delivery management system helps to improve route efficiency, high level performance, decreasing delivery delays, on-time delivery, delivery productivity and so forth.

Ensure on-time deliveries with Ecommerce Delivery Management Software

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