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Pickup Delivery Management System

Streamlining the entire shipping and delivery process for more effective, efficient, and personalized customer service! Features like - including automatic dispatch, real-time mapping, dynamic route optimization and etc.

Pickup Delivery Management System

About Pickup Delivery Management system

Bringing technology revolution to your on-demand pickup and delivery business

PDMS (Pickup Delivery Management System) is a combination of software and mobile application for managing your business delivery and pickup services, you can use PDMS for your business-like Pickup & Delivery, ecommerce Services, Repair Services, Home Services, Health and Well Being and any type of Businesses that needs to monitor daily activity task in real-time thus helping companies drive efficiencies around their last mile delivery challenges.


Striking Features of Pickup Delivery Management System

Cloud-based Solution

The cloud-based solution allows you to operate a secure delivery management system remotely from any smart device or browser in a matter of minutes.

Dynamic Route Optimization

The system provides dynamic route optimization and geofencing measures to assign orders to those partners operating in a particular area and offer them the shortest route.

Digital Proof of Delivery

A digital proof of delivery decreases the number of missed deliveries and makes the delivery partner's every action, from the pickup to the delivery location, transparent.


You may use location tracking to monitor the activities of your team and determine whether they are delivering goods in accordance with protocol.

Real-time Notifications

Customers will love the instant notifications of their package, which lets them choose when to get the delivery and see when it will arrive.

Data Security

Pickup delivery management system provides data security, you can trust that your data is safe, and backed up regularly in secure servers.


What Your Business Gains with Pickup Delivery Management System?

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

The software is very easy to use for anybody! the best part of the software is you don't need to do special training to run this software.


The schedule order tool allows users to plan by setting aside time and scheduling orders. Additionally, you may schedule each driver's pickup and delivery in advance.

Take Data Driven Decisions
Take Data Driven Decisions

The dashboard offers a complete report on the performance of the workforce along with detailed analytics and graphical analytics that help monitor the performance in real time.

Streamline the logistics
Streamline the Logistics

Streamlining every step of the process, including allocation, dispatch, scheduling, and delivery tracking. You may use it to instantly find where your labor is on a map.

Streamline communication
Streamline Communication

With (PDMS) System that can track their shipments and send an SMS, email or other notifications when it’s time for them to get.

Invoicing and Billing
Invoicing and Billing

The system is giving you an accurate invoice and billing information. You can easily enter in your product details and find a full history of orders.


Frequently Asked Questions on Pickup Delivery Management System (PDMS)

Pickup and delivery software is ideal for retailers and businesses that provide delivery services. Drivers can track orders through this system, allowing them to deliver them in a timely manner.

The pickup and delivery software may be used by any companies that offer delivery services, including e-commerce, food and grocery, cleaning, and laundry enterprises, to enhance their offerings.

We ensure our software is designed with the needs of your business in mind, and it's always possible to update or change features. We welcome any changes to our plans and guarantee no change requests will go unaddressed.

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