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Real-Time Proof of Delivery (POD)

Real time POD App is mobile software for real-time Proof of DELIVERY and TRACKING of items. Whatever the item is there, it offers the ability to record delivery and collection operations with a mobile device running android mobile systems/Operating systems.

Real-Time Proof of Delivery

About Real-Time Proof of Delivery (POD)

A software for real-time proof of delivery and tracking

The signature of Proof provides real-time feedback on the status of delivery. It helps you to be the leader in customer service by letting your customers knows that their delivery has been made in a timely fashion so they know they can expect their order to arrive on time. It’s simple design allows managing the delivery operations in a few clicks.

How does POD Scanning System work?

Increase the speed & efficiency of the storage & retrieval of POD

The Proof of Delivery Scanning Software has been designed to increase the speed and efficiency of the storage and retrieval of Proof of Delivery (POD) documents. It is an automated system which enables POD documents to be scanned and downloaded. POD Scanning is fast and secure data storage and retrieval particularly important in order to accurately respond to all the queries related to delivery.

Users receive a high speed scanning device plus software which will control the scanner directly. Complete delivery documents, including the barcode and the recipient's signature, can then be scanned and rapidly downloaded. Once logged onto the system the delivery documents can be retrieved quickly, easily and reliably.

The high-speed document scanner, which can scan up to eight pages per minute, is robust yet small enough for back-office and trade counter use and in addition to POD documents, picking notes, collection notes and purchase orders can also be scanned and downloaded. The POD system allows you to capture a name, signature, date and time when your order is delivered. The orders may be allocated to runs or branches. In addition, the POD complaint register allows your clients to indicate when an order has arrived under delivered or damaged. This information may then be downloaded into a spreadsheet for viewing.

POD Scanning

Smartphone Application

Record delivery & collection operations with a mobile device

POD Smartphone
  • Signature of Proof provides real-time feedback on the status of delivery. It helps you to be the leader in customer service by letting your customers know that their delivery has been made in timely fashion.
  • The courier company can record all the delivered items pretty easily. Capturing the proof of delivery is also quite easy. All information is then uploaded automatically to Data Centre which has to be published on the web within minutes after the item has been delivered. This software can take any courier company to it's zenith.


Features of Real-Time Proof of Delivery (POD)

Real Time Data

The Real Time Pod Software will provide real-time data on package status, such as whether your shipment was accepted, rejected or holding.

Instant Delivery Notification

With REAL TIME POD, you can send jobs and delivery notifications braded with your logo, and get instant email updates on your delivery — both for you and your customers.

Tracking with Live ETA

With real-time ETA updates via SMS or email, and dynamic delivery links, you'll win more business by sharing what's happening with your real time delivery system.

Go Paperless

Save time searching for papers; with real-time email alerts, you can access relevant content on any device at the push of a button.

Prove your Delivery

Once the delivery is signed and scanned, Track-POD will instantly send feedback on order status with an actual quantity of items and the delivery receipt.

Reduce Wait Times

Real Time Pod software helps you reduce wait times. With real time, instant pod booking, waiting lists and all other processes are done in seconds.


What Your Business Gains with Real-Time Proof of Delivery (POD)?

Get On Time Delivery Every Time
Get On-Time Delivery

Get on-time delivery every time with our real time pod. Let your customers know when a courier is about to arrive, and send them SMS or email notifications with ETA.

Enhance Customer Trust
Enhance Customer Trust

Empower your customers with confidence. Our Real-Time Proof of Delivery software extends the global tracking and analytics of your freight shipment.

Higher Profits & Reduced Burdens
Profits & Reduced Burdens

With Real-Time Proof of Delivery software, you’ll reduce your expenses and save time, cutting costs and helping with the growing number of orders.

Electronic Signature
Electronic Signature

Once driver has arrived at the destination and delivered/collected the package, they can capture the recipient’s digital signature or photo and provide as proof of delivery.

Analytics Reports
Analytics Reports

Real-Time Proof of Delivery software helps you make more accurate reports with the ability to create dashboard and detailed analysis.

Easy Access
Easy Access

Each component of the system is designed to be easy to use so you can get up and running quickly, boost efficiency and improve customer satisfaction with each order.


Frequently Asked Questions on Real-Time Proof of Delivery (POD)

POD is a cloud-based all-in-one solution for your delivery business that includes fleet, route optimization, electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), and vehicle tracking. The POD system allows you to get all your jobs electronically in real time and provides you with the ability to see driver activity on an iPad or iPhone anywhere at any time. This solution integrates seamlessly with your existing logistics operations so there is no need to invest in additional software or hardware.

The use of ePOD software benefits all sectors that use mobile workforces, such as delivery services and fleets for various logistics and distribution tasks. It increases efficiency across all of your delivery-related activities, lowers expenses, and—most importantly—increases customer happiness.

In the past, accepting delivery of the goods required the recipient to sign a tangible "delivery-note," which was then used to create a payment invoice and collect payment as needed. The electronic version of this, or ePOD, is simply gathered by the delivery person at the moment of delivery to the client and can take the form of a digital signature, a scanned bar code, etc.
The entire process was digitalized via ePOD, which also got rid of the old pen-and-paper procedures. This not only saved time but also significantly increased the speed and efficiency of the entire delivery process, especially the Last-Mile Delivery.

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