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Courier Management Software

Make faster deliveries with white label courier management software that can be easily configured, fit your business standards, and offers an enhanced courier delivery experience to user.

Sagar Informatics Pvt. Ltd (SIPL) Courier Management Software is an advanced mechanism courier software that meets the end-to-end needs of courier companies and allows the management of bulk courier deliveries with easy-to-handle functionalities.

Courier Management System

About Courier Management System

A software for Courier Company to manage

Courier management software is the advanced mechanism that meets the end-to-end needs of courier & logistics companies & allows the management of bulk courier deliveries with easy-to-handle functionalities. We have developed a unique software that manages packet distribution to courier company and supports terrific reporting, billing and control over courier company and thus provides clear report to management at all levels about how the courier company is performing its assigned job.


Striking Features of Courier Management Software

Shipping APIs

Stay in sync with your incoming orders while you process the current ones. With API integration, stay on track with your shipments and organize your operations properly.

Optimizing Operations

SIPL Courier Management Software optimizes business operation and task result which improves your overall business performance.

GPS Courier Tracking Software

With accurate algorithms, deliveries are made in the minimum amount of time by measuring driver accessibility, destination nearness and traffic conditions by using GPS tracking.

Reporting and Analytics

Create custom reports, monitor KPIs, visualize data with charts, and easily export/share insights for better decision-making in your business.

Route Optimization

Optimize delivery routes with intelligent planning, GPS integration for accurate navigation, real-time traffic updates, and optimal delivery scheduling.

Order Management

Effortlessly create, edit, and manage courier orders with real-time tracking, automatic address validation, and comprehensive order history access.

Benefits of Courier Software

Sagar Informatics Pvt. Ltd (SIPL) Courier Software makes it a top choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient courier software.

Enhanced Delivery Operations

Enhanced business operations and hassle-free deliveries improve overall business performance.

Better Customer Service

Our Courier Software Empowers Businesses to Connect with Customers in Real Time, Enhancing the Customer Experience.

Go Paperless

Electronic proof of signature and real-time tracking build a digital ecosystem and save money spent on paper-based activities.

Increased Business Efficiency

Bringing automation in the business eventually boost the business efficiency and improve customer experience.

Real-time Courier Tracking

Customers can monitor the status of their packages without communicating with delivery providers within the user app.

Cost Savings

Our Solution Optimizes Routes, Cuts Fuel Consumption, and Maximizes Vehicle Utilization for Streamlined Operations.


Frequently Asked Questions on Courier Management Software (CMS)

CMS is a web-based courier management software solution designed to streamline and automate the operations of courier and delivery service for both businesses and customers. It offers a centralized platform for managing various aspects of the courier business, including order tracking, dispatching, route optimization, customer communication, and reporting.

Advantages of Courier Management System
  • Employee Management
  • Client Management
  • Routing
  • Quick Analytics / Reports
  • Online Tracking
  • Billing/Invoicing
  • Label Printing
  • Easy API Integration
  • Barcode Support
  • Dispatch Management
Choose the best-fitcourier software for your business!

Courier management software or courier software can greatly enhance the efficiency, transparency, and customer experience of courier businesses by automating processes, optimizing routes, and providing real-time tracking and communication capabilities. There are various software providers in the market, each with its own specific features and pricing models, so it's important to evaluate your business needs and choose a solution that best aligns with your requirements.

Courier management software is designed to help courier and logistics companies manage their operations efficiently. It provides a centralized platform for handling various tasks and processes involved in the courier business, such as order management, package tracking, route optimization, delivery scheduling, and customer communication.

Here are some key features commonly found in courier management system -

Order Management

The software allows you to receive and process customer orders, track their status, and manage all related information, including pickup and delivery details.

Dispatch and Routing

It helps optimize routes and dispatch delivery personnel based on package size, weight, destination, and traffic conditions to ensure efficient and timely deliveries.

Package Tracking

The software provides real-time tracking of packages, enabling customers and internal staff to monitor the status and location of shipments throughout the delivery process.

Warehouse Management

It assists in managing warehouse inventory, tracking stock levels, and organizing packages for efficient retrieval and dispatch.

Customer Communication

The software facilitates customer communication through automated notifications, including order confirmations, delivery updates, and delivery completion alerts.

Billing and Invoicing

It helps generate accurate invoices for services rendered, including delivery charges, additional fees, and other applicable charges.

Analytics and Reporting

The software provides reports and analytics on various performance metrics, allowing you to assess the efficiency of your operations, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions.

Integration Capabilities

It often offers integration options with other systems and platforms, such as e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, payment gateways, and accounting software, to streamline processes and data exchange.

Mobile Applications

Many courier management software solutions offer mobile applications for delivery personnel, enabling them to access their assigned tasks, update delivery statuses, and capture digital signatures.

Security and Data Protection

The software ensures the security of sensitive information, including customer details, payment information, and delivery records, through encryption and access control measures.

Courier Software can greatly enhance courier businesses' efficiency, transparency, and customer experience by automating processes, optimizing routes, and providing real-time tracking and communication capabilities. There are various software providers in the market, each with specific features and pricing models. So, it's important to evaluate your business needs and choose a solution that best aligns with your requirements.

Various individuals and businesses in the courier and delivery industry can use courier delivery software.

Here are some examples of who can use courier delivery software-

Delivery and courier services

This software is specially made to help courier services run operations effectively. It enables companies to manage logistics, plan routes, track goods, allocate delivery to couriers, and update clients in real-time.

Independent couriers

To optimize their business processes, independent or freelance couriers might employ courier delivery software. They may use it to coordinate delivery, track goods, and contact customers.

E-commerce Business

Online and e-commerce companies frequently employ courier delivery software to control shipping and delivery procedures. It enables retailers to create shipping labels, track shipments, and notify consumers when their orders have been delivered. It also allows them to combine their online storefronts with courier services.

Logistics companies

Companies that manage the transportation of goods and products, such as logistics firms, might gain an advantage from courier delivery software. It helps businesses manage numerous deliveries, plan routes more efficiently, track goods, and work with different courier providers.

Third-party delivery services

To streamline their delivery processes, restaurants, grocers, and other companies that provide delivery services can employ courier delivery software. It assists them in managing orders, allocating deliveries, following drivers, and giving clients real-time delivery information.

Freight forwarding businesses

To handle logistics and transportation activities, freight forwarding businesses might use courier delivery software. Thanks to it, they can manage customs paperwork, plan freight routes, track shipments, and communicate with couriers.

In summary, anyone involved in the courier and delivery industry, including courier companies, independent couriers, e-commerce businesses, logistics companies, third-party delivery services, and freight forwarding companies, can benefit from using courier delivery software to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Definitely yes! Our courier software is intentionally crafted to ensure smooth integration with a diverse range of systems. Specifically, we've established ready-made connections with widely used systems such as point of sale (POS), SMS services, and payment gateways. These pre-built integrations are designed to streamline your operations, offering a seamless flow of information and data between our courier software and these essential components of your business infrastructure.

For businesses utilizing a point-of-sale system, our software effortlessly syncs, allowing for efficient tracking and management of orders and transactions. The integration with SMS services ensures real-time communication with customers, providing updates on deliveries, tracking information, and other crucial details.

Additionally, our connection with payment gateways facilitates secure and convenient transactions, enhancing the overall customer experience.

This commitment to pre-built integrations aims to simplify the implementation process for our users, saving time and resources. It means that businesses can quickly leverage the benefits of our courier software without the hassle of extensive setup or complex configurations. However, should you have a specific system in mind that is not currently integrated, our team is fully prepared to collaborate and customize the integration to meet the unique needs of your business. We prioritize flexibility and adaptability, ensuring that our courier software seamlessly aligns with your existing systems and contributes to the overall efficiency of your logistics operations.

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