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Courier Management Software

Make faster deliveries with white label courier management software that can be easily configured, fit your business standards, and offers an enhanced courier delivery experience to user.

Courier Management System

About Courier Management System

A software for Courier Company to manage

Courier management software is the advanced mechanism that meets the end-to-end needs of courier & logistics companies & allows the management of bulk courier deliveries with easy-to-handle functionalities. We have developed a unique software that manages packet distribution to courier company and supports terrific reporting, billing and control over courier company and thus provides clear report to management at all levels about how the courier company is performing its assigned job.


Striking Features of Courier Management Software

Optimizing Operations

SIPL Courier Management Software optimizes business operation and task result which improves your overall business performance.

Print Shipping Labels

As per your brand or requirement, what you want to display on the label and is customizable according to your brand. Print it in the size you prefer and attach it to all shipments.

Excel Import/Export Options

This feature allow, data to be imported from & export to excel on the go. The stress of having to develop data from the scratch is being eliminated by this.

GPS Courier Tracking Software

With accurate algorithms, deliveries are made in the minimum amount of time by measuring driver accessibility, destination nearness and traffic conditions by using Google GPS tracking.

Cloud Based Couriers

Your data is safely stored in the cloud and can be accessed whenever you need it. Even if a system failure occurs in the company, relevant data will not be lost.

Shipping APIs

Stay in sync with your incoming orders while you process the current ones. With API integration, stay on track with your shipments and organize your operations properly.


What Your Existing Business Gains with Courier Management Software?

Enhanced Delivery Operations

Enhanced business operations and hassle-free deliveries improve overall business performance.

Reduced Turnover Time

Reduce the turnover time and increase the number of deliveries as courier management software comes with premium features and functions.

Go Paperless

Electronic proof of signature and real-time tracking build a digital ecosystem and save money spent on paper-based activities.

Increased Business Efficiency

Bringing automation in the business eventually boost the business efficiency and improve customer experience.

Real-time Courier Tracking

Customers can monitor the status of their packages without communicating with delivery providers within the user app.

Reduces Operating Costs

Enable your clients to enter and track consignments through the Internet, also reduces expense cost, billing and administration costs.


Frequently Asked Questions on Courier Management Software (CMS)

CMS is a web-based courier management software that ensures high availability of courier services for both businesses and customers. In addition to booking couriers, maintaining hub details, maintaining company details, and processing company data, the software is used for a variety of other daily tasks.

An easy-to-use courier management system specifically designed for the courier, messenger, expediting, and distribution industries. Deliveries are tracked in real time, barcodes are scanned, and signatures are captured.

Obtaining courier delivery software allows every logistics venture to innovate their business procedures.

Maximize Logistics Efficiency with Courier Management Software

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