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Multi-channel Ecommerce Solution

Multi-channel eCommerce is the technique of using multiple sales channels in order to reach more people and sell more products while reducing your reliance on a single online store.

Multi-channel Ecommerce Solution

About Multi-channel Ecommerce Solution

A tool that manages multiple channels at one place

It is a strategy to selling products and services online across several channels, such as websites, mobile applications, social media platforms and other online marketplaces. As the name suggests, Multi-channel e-commerce gives customers a wide range of platforms to choose from when they shop online. You can manage and collect all of your orders from several marketplaces, including Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and more, using SIPL's Multichannel Order Management Software.


Striking Features of Multi-channel eCommerce Software

Marketplace Integration

It can be integrated into the marketplaces wherever you sell. Integration for Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra are one of the more popular integrations.

Inventory Management

For continue positive customer experiences, inventory has to be updated. Any time a transaction is completed on a platform, your primary stock will updated immediately.

Listing Management

By enabling one-window upload for all of your products, you can save time. The listing guidelines and product categorization for each marketplace should receive special attention.

Search Through Orders

It offers a variety of search options for orders, such as name, marketplace order id, phone number, pin code, and any other details that may help you locate the order.

Workflow Automation

You can easily handle many marketplaces with its help. Automating time-sensitive and repetitive tasks frees up time so that you can focus on other key business operations.


You will need to rely on data and analytics for any company to grow. It gathers information from your sales and monitors customer activity to give you complete statistics.


What Your Ecommerce Business Gains with Multi-channel eCommerce Solution Software


It shows various delivery partner shipping costs and gives you the option to select the best shipping cost based on the order's pin code and the lowest price is given.

Auto Assign AWB Numbers
Auto Assign AWB Numbers

The software allows you to upload unused AWB numbers from different courier services and set priorities for assigning them.

Tax Invoices Printing
Tax Invoices Printing

You will able to generate precise tax invoices using it. You will also be able to either manually assign or generate your own invoice number.

Increases Visibility
Increases Visibility

You can engage with your customers more and encourage them to spread the word about your brand's content to their contacts, which also promotes social proof.

Meet Customer Demands
Meet Customer Demands

By meeting your clients where they are and giving them an easy option to buy what they want, and when they want it, it enables you to fulfill this demand.

Ready to Ship
Mark Order as 'Ready to Ship'

The last is to mark them as "Ready to Ship" on online marketplaces. As per the single seller panel's promise, you can perform this action directly via our software.


Frequently Asked Questions on Multi-channel eCommerce Solution

Multi-channel eCommerce is much more profitable than single-channel eCommerce because it enables you to reach more people and sell more products by improving the online shopping experience.

By offering your products through a variety of online stores, you can reach your customers wherever they are. This improves the shopping experience, increases sales potential, and raises brand awareness.

Multi-channel retail is limited to offline sales, but multi-channel e-commerce involves selling through numerous channels, including online sources.

Sell Multiple Marketplaces at One Place with Multi-channel eCommerce Solution

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