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International Courier Management (ICMS)

International Courier Management (ICMS)

Cloud based courier software with online order, courier tracking for delivery dispatch with focus on international courier shipment. This Software takes logistics management to an entirely new level. All the aspects of your courier or freight shipment business can be improved with the proper use of International Courier Software. With constantly evolving technology it is possible to improve your business by simply keeping up to date with the latest courier company software. The aspects which are covered by International Courier Management include physical parcel management, customer account management, agent cost management, analysis reports, reporting by e-mail and SMS, data security and catering for in-house or multiple branches.

About International Courier Management (ICMS)

Offering end-to-end experiences from order to delivery

Easy to use, cost effective professional courier software for courier businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises. This software completed with various features like booking, label print, 3rd party API integration, online tracking that will help you managing operation and improving  your business.?  

Come with Mobile Applications

Mobile app accommodation branches out to full-fledged applications that essentially enable couriers to do their entire job on the road. Courier-specific mobile applications provide couriers with a real-time database of customer, package, and inventory information. Thus allowing to become faster, more dependable, and more accurate.

Accurate Delivery Communication

International Courier System equips all your branches to communicate with each other throughout the delivery lifecycle about package status. The software’s communication methods, whether through an integrated API, mobile app or a web portal, are seamless, easy to access and automated. Users will also get automated messaging and updating.