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Quotation Management Software

  • An interactive and user friendly web interface to support quotation generation and management.
  • Seamless integration with other applications for faster information sharing and processing.
  • Search facility to search existing quotes based on opportunities, prospect/services or any other information provided into the quote.
  • Capabilities to handle billing and shipping information within the application.
  • Generation of multiple quotes for a customer from a single interface.
  • Central repository of quotes.
  • Ability to automatically include generated quotes as email attachments.
  • Exporting quotes to various supported formats.
  • Tracking quote ratios and flexibility to raise revised quotes.
  • Reporting features are capable of generating advanced reports such as projecting business based on quotations and tracking of success/failures ratio of quotes with reasons.

Quotation Management Software

Quotation Management System (QMS) Software includes designing and automating the client’s Quotation. QMS aims to improve client’s business efficiency in creating and generating quotations, emailing quotations, maintain billing and shipping information and providing enhanced QMS reporting features. The quotations generated from QMS would serve as an input to the deals.

About Quotation Management Software

Working Progress

  • Automatic Document Generation Enables you to record all the information that is relevant for producing quotations.
  • Reduce Quotation Time The longer the quotation takes to produce, the lower the margin you make on it.
  • Report Generation Generates Invoice Report, Receipt Report, Customer Report, Unpaid Invoices Report, Unbalanced Records.

Client Benefits

  • Web based automated quote management process helps the client to maximize the performance.
  • Quicker conversion of existing open quotes into contracts.
  • Advanced reporting features allow clients to forecast business projection and determine the success ratio for quotations.
  • QMS ensures that each quotation is drawn up in accordance with predefined rules which increases your chances of success and your margin and reduces the costs of failure.