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Pickup Delivery Management System

  • Web based Ordering system
  • Order Entry screens
  • Standard Route Setup
  • Delivery and Pickup Scheduling
  • History of transactions and movement
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Real Time, GPS Based Pickup, Delivery
  • Digital Proof of Delivery
  • Advanced Analytics

Pickup Delivery Management System

An application for managing your business delivery and pickup service

About Pickup Delivery Management System

Bringing technology Revolution to Your On-Demand Pick up and Delivery Business

PDMS (Pickup Delivery Management System) is a combination of software and mobile application for managing your business delivery and pickup services, you can use PDMS for your business like Pickup & Delivery, ecommerce Services, Repair Services, Home Services, Health and Well Being and any type of Businesses that needs to monitor daily activity task in real-time thus helping companies drive efficiencies around their last mile delivery challenges.

Plan, optimize, and scale your delivery operations with an intelligent cloud-based delivery platform

How Pickup Delivery Management System (PDMS) helps your businesses grow?

Real time Tracking and Alerts
No more waiting till the day’s end for status updates. Be notified instantly, all the time! Logistics operations is now real, know when it happens as it happens. Automatically send SMS tracking and alerts to your drivers and customers.

Android Driver Apps
Every driver in your fleet will have an Android PDMS Driver App. You can assign new jobs, send daily run sheets without paper, optimise the batching per driver, record the delivery completions for reporting, track your whole fleet and send real-time delivery updates to the receiver to ensure reliable and on time delivery completion rates.

Digital POD
Capture digital signatures, photos and notes. Reduce any missed delivery count. Reduce customer complaints. From pick up to drop off, you and your customer will know your driver's every move.

Data Security
Your data is backed up regularly in secure servers.