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Pickup/Delivery Tracking Software

  • Easy to get started with it.
  • Web-based architecture provides easy and instantaneous updates.
  • Software support covers web-hosting, help desk support, and software maintenance.
  • Near-zero implementation time.
  • No complex software to upgrade and maintain. It all works from your Android Smartphone and any standard browser.

Pickup/Delivery Tracking Software

SIPL Pickup Tracker is an app for courier management system that utilizes web-based software, along with smartphone to manage pickup services and track individual person/route originating from the head office. Facilitate your team activities and makes it easy for them to provide feedback. Now pickup/delivery personnel reports the successful completion of a delivery with a single click. One can generate detailed route maps at any time for each delivery person, along with the order in which they make deliveries or pick-ups during their route.

About Pickup/Delivery Tracking Software

Pickup Tracker Process Flow

Pickup / Delivery Tracking

  • Couriers begin their day by transferring digital route sheets to each collection/pickup person from database to the Smartphone apps.
  • At each stop, packets are picked and any comments or requests and signature are entered into the mobile apps. On each pickup a signature, Courier arrival, duration, and departure times are stored and updated to database in real time for every visit.