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POD Scanning Software

  • Quick availability of precise information makes it easy for the superiors to determine the future management requirements that may result in higher productivity.
  • Maintains the record of the tasks performed by all employees individually, which turns helpful for the management during their yearly or quarterly appraisals.
  • It performs a number of functions such as employee data analysis, employee monitoring, centralized employee database, worksheet & timesheet management, and so on.
  • Decrease in the overall administration and managerial cost.
  • Higher profits and reduced burdens.

POD Scanning Software

Proof of Delivery “POD” contains Printed Signature and Time of Delivery. POD is your signature at the time of receiving the courier. It incorporates the location of delivery, date, time, and name of the signee, and works as an evidence for the seller that the buyer has received the sent goods.

About POD Scanning Software

How does POD Scanning System work?

The Proof of Delivery Scanning Software has been designed to increase the speed and efficiency of the storage and retrieval of Proof of Delivery (POD) documents. It is an automated system which enables POD documents to be scanned and downloaded. POD Scanning is fast and secure data storage and retrieval particularly important in order to accurately respond to all the queries related to delivery.

Users receive a high speed scanning device plus software which will control the scanner directly. Complete delivery documents, including the barcode and the recipient's signature, can then be scanned and rapidly downloaded. Once logged onto the system the delivery documents can be retrieved quickly, easily and reliably.

The high-speed document scanner, which can scan up to eight pages per minute, is robust yet small enough for back-office and trade counter use and in addition to POD documents, picking notes, collection notes and purchase orders can also be scanned and downloaded. The POD system allows you to capture a name, signature, date and time when your order is delivered. The orders may be allocated to runs or branches. In addition, the POD complaint register allows your clients to indicate when an order has arrived under delivered or damaged. This information may then be downloaded into a spreadsheet for viewing.

Returns on Investment

  • Improves customer retention rate.
  • Reduced costs for basic service levels.
  • Reduces waiting in line by customer.
  • Virtual sales assistant increases sales.