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Customer Verification Software

  • Data Visualization & Custom Reporting
  • Multi-Account Managed Access
  • Secure Web Based Solution
  • Available via Mobile Phone and Tablet
  • Customizable Interface
  • Printable Reporting
  • Multi Platform Access for On-line and Land based services
  • Identity Matching & Authentication
  • Complete Real-Time Monitoring
  • Location Verification
  • API Access & Integration
  • Secure Web Based Solution
  • Printable Reporting

Customer Verification Software

Available via Mobile Phone and Tablet. Keeping up with the highly competitive courier industry has never been more difficult. With increasing pressure in this fast-growing field and recent advances in mobile technology, it’s far too easy to get left behind. Fortunately, SIPL can remove these difficulties and put you in the forefront with our mobile apps. Customer Verification Software, helps you to meet and exceed industry standards.

About Customer Verification Software

Electronic Signature & GPS Coordinate Capture

Verification personnel can collect signatures directly on their Smartphone. Alternatively they can add photos from the app, using the Smartphone’s camera at the destination. The Smartphone app will embed timestamps and GPS coordinates in the photos along with any notes that you want to include.

Automatic Proof of verification

This application saves your valuable time by automating proof of verification. When your personnel upload the information upon verification, record is automatically generated and securely accessible from the web interface. Reports include any signatures or photos collected along with other details.

Easy to get started right away

All you need is an Android Smartphone or tablet for using the point of verification. Everything else is managed from your desktop using any standard web browser. This app lets you capture signatures and take photos. The photos can be embedded with timestamps, GPS coordinates, and notes. Automatic documentation features allow the entire verification cycle to be managed electronically, saving countless hours spent on managing paper. No complex software for your staff to upgrade and maintain. It all works from your Android Smartphone and any standard browser.